2010 Tour

Jan 17-24  Paris tour

March 23-27  Oxford Literary Festival and London reading

April 8-11  Panel at AWP Conference in Denver

April 12 Books Inc. in Berkeley, 7pm

April 19  Booksmith in San Francisco with Malena Watrous, 7:30 pm

April 20  New Yorker Book Club online live chat, 3-4pm ET

April 26  Powell’s in Portland, Oregon, 7:30 pm

April 30 Skylight Books in Los Angeles, 7:30 pm

May 7  Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa, CA, 7pm

May 17-23  Sydney Writer’s Festival (Australia), 3 events

May 24  Master class at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand

May 26  City Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, 6pm

May 28-30  Festival La Comedie Du Livre (Montpellier, south of France)

May 30-June 3  events in Besancon (France)

June 3  Strasbourg

June 8 Cavaillon

June 9  Marseille

June 10  Aix-en-Provence

June 12-13  “Paris en toute lettres” festival in Paris

June 17 Manosque

June 18  Forcalquier

June 24  Carcassonne

June 25-26  Toulouse

June 29 Rodez

August 14  Kilkenny Arts Festival (Ireland)

August 15-21  Edinburgh International Book Festival (Scotland), 3 events

Sept 2  Anchorage, AK

Sept 3  Seldovia, AK

Sept 3-5  Retreat with “49 Writers” at Tutka Bay Lodge in Alaska

Sept 17-19 Frank O’Connor Short Story Festival (Ireland)

Sept 23-26  Small Wonder Short Story Festival (England)

Oct 8-10  Wordstock festival in Portland, OR

Nov 2-6  Paris tour

Nov 18-21  Crossing Border Lit and Music Festival, The Hague (Netherlands)

Nov 22-28  Spanish tour

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