You can reach David by email at or through his agents at Inkwell Management (Kim Witherspoon and David Forrer, and for foreign rights, Lyndsey Blessing, and for film rights, Rob Kraitt at Casarotto).

8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Steve Hopkins

    thought that caribou island was brilliant. The way you describe the workings of the mind is stunning and the images of Alaska will remain for a long time to come. Looked on Google earth and the houses on Adak Island look somewhat deserted? Also couldn’t detect a settlement on the shore of Skilak lake? Just about to start “legend”..looking forward to it.
    Regards…Steve Hopkins

    1. davidvann Post author

      Thanks, Steve. As far as I know, there’s no one living on the shore of Skilak, except on the islands, which is part of why I like the lake so much. But for the novel, I wanted them to have that unique location, just back from the shore.
      Adak, my birthplace, was up for sale on eBay recently, the entire town and port. It was abandoned as a naval base a while back.

  2. Isabelle SAELINER

    This was a BRILLIANT way to take ‘revenge’ on your father, solve your inner conflict… Perfect example of the thesis developed in ‘Writers and psychoanalysis’ by Edmund Bergler. Perhaps you had already read it… While i was reading your book, my feelings about your father ‘how could a father like that possibly exist !’ This is applicable to MANY others of course. Thanks.

  3. Verena G.

    Thank you for such brilliant literature. I read all your books and it makes me happy to recommend them to my customers because they really touched me and I love your style of speech. Besides I “fell in love” with Alaska.
    (Sorry for my clumsy English…I’m still practicing)
    Greetings from a passionate german bookseller.

  4. Martine

    Thank you very much David for your novels. I offer to my daughter your first book translated in French : Sukkwan Island. She was so excited that I read the book immediatly… What a good idea !! Now I hope to meet you in Gradignan at “salon du livre”. Good luck for your world trail in the sail.

    A french reader

  5. Michelle

    Just discovered your work (novella K Island and Dirt) after reading an article naming you as the best selling American author that Americans don’t know about. The gift you have for capturing the visceral, raw, confused human condition is undeniable. Your work leaves me astounded and bothered. Not since McCarthy’s Blood Meridian have I been so caught off guard – love that.

  6. This Andrews

    I just finished reading Aquarium, I live in Seattle so there are some relates. I chuckled, I cried, it left me full & empty. I’m so happy you let Catlin find love in her gentle innocence. Every family is complex, the story touched the raw fibers in my soul, thank you,
    Tim Andrews

  7. Dong Dong

    I just finished part one of Sukkwan Island. It was so real and sad in an oddly quiet way. For a moment I believed I almost couldn’t survive childhood. I hope you are all right now. Thanks so much for your beautiful writing.


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