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(This page hasn’t been updated in a couple years.  Sorry.)

Review of Jodzio’s Knockout for New York Times Book Review, March 27, 2016.

Essay on snow, Sunset Magazine, 2015.

“Autumn Crocus,” short story, New Statesman, February 2015.

“Snowmen” (excerpt from Aquarium novel), Heck magazine first issue, February 2015.

Essay on Alexander Payne’s movie Nebraska, Observer, Dec 2013.

Essay in Writing a First Novel anthology, Dec 2013.

Essay on winter, New Statesman, November 2013.

“Ink” (exactly 300-word short story), Nov 14, 2013.

Favorite book picks for Foyles, Oct 2013.

New York Times Book Review, review of Patrick Flanery’s Fallen Land, Oct 6, 2013, reprinted in the International Herald Tribune, Oct 11, 2013.,My Cherokee Novel” (essay), October 4, 2013., playlist for Goat Mountain, Sept 19, 2013.

The Australian (excerpt of first chapter of Goat Mountain, edited), Sept 14, 2013.

Guernica,“Poacher” (story excerpt from Goat Mountain), September 2013.

Feuilleton (France), French translation reprint of “Pulled Into The Void” (feature), July 2013. 

McSweeney’s,All Together Here” (story excerpt from Dirt), April 2012.

Edinburgh International Book Festival and Elsewhere collection, “Bain de Soleil” (essay), 2012.

The Telegraph Magazine (UK), second serial of intro to Jack London’s The Call of the Wild, September 2011.

The Sunday Telegraph (UK), serial of intro to Jack London’s The Call of the Wild, August 28, 2011.

The Financial Times (UK), review of Ross Raisin’s Waterline, July 2011.

The Sunday Times (UK), review of Annie Proulx’s Bird Cloud, February 2011.

Outside Magazine, “Take Me Home” (essay), February 2011.

The Observer Magazine (UK), “Pulled Into The Void” (feature), January 30, 2011.

BBC’s The Verb, “Old English Meter in American Fiction” (essay), January 28, 2011.

The Sunday Times Magazine (UK), “Fox Piss” (essay), January 23, 2011.

Prospect Magazine (UK), excerpt from Caribou Island, January 2011.

Esquire Russia, “Ichthyology” (short story reprinted in Russian), October 2010.

Men’s Health, “Drop-In Night at Starlight Ballroom” (essay), September 2010.

Elle UK, “Summer” (essay), July 2010.

The Observer Magazine (UK), excerpt from Crocodile, a memoir, July 2010.

The Sunday Times (UK), Lost At Sea (feature), May 2, 2010.

The Sunday Times (UK), “It’s Not Yours” (short story), April 25, 2010

The Sunday Telegraph (UK), “The NIU Shooter,” excerpt from Last Day On Earth, April 2010.

The Observer Magazine (UK), “Rainmaker” (feature), March 2010.

The Huffington Post, “Suicide and Shame” (essay), March 2010.

The Sunday Times (UK), “Transmission” (short story), November 8, 2009.

The Guardian (UK), contributor to “Books of the Year 2009,” Dec 2009.

The Observer (UK), contributor to “Books of the Year 2009,” November 22, 2009.

Untitled Books (UK), “Scuttle” (short story), November 19, 2009.

Florence and the Machine (UK band), “Excess” (essay for sleeve notes for CD), November, 2009.

The Guardian (UK), “American Inferno” (essay on McCarthy’s Blood Meridian), November 14, 2009.

The Guardian (UK), “Where Are All The Men In My Family?” (essay), October 24, 2009.

Notes from the Underground (UK), “Wild Man Fenn” (short story), October 2009.

Five Dials (UK), “A Bird’s Bone” (short story), November 2009.

The Observer (UK), “To Catch A King” (essay), October 18, 2009.

“Every Good Story is at least Two Stories,” writing exercise in Now Write!, book by Sherry Ellis, interviewed with Gay Talese on public radio December 2009.

Men’s Journal, July/August 2009, “My Father’s Guns” (essay), reprinted in Esquire UK September 2009.

Outside, “Hiking Corsica” (lead piece in Med feature), May 2009.

The Massachussetts Review, “A Conversation with Grace” (about Grace Paley), winter 2009.

National Geographic Adventure, “Adventurer of the Year” (profile), December 2008/January 2009.

Outside’s GO online, “The Tobago Cays” (short piece), November 2008.

Outside,“Last Voyage of the Culin” (feature), October 2008. Interviewed with, syndicated to 88 NPR stations.

Outside’s GO, “No Fear of Flying” (short piece), October/November 2008.

Outside’s GO, “Mr. Disney’s Wild Ride” (feature), August/September 2008.

Esquire,“Portrait of the School Shooter as a Young Man” (feature), August 2008.  12,500 words, written about by the Associated Press and Chicago Tribune and picked up by hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times.  Interviews with Chicago Public Radio, CBS News, and other stations.

Esquire, “The Tin Can” (feature and blog), Dec 2007.  Reprinted in Esquire’s international editions, picked up by media outlets in Germany, UK, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, etc.

Men’s Journal, “The Man Who Sailed Across America” (feature), October 2007. (the online home of GQ and Details magazines), “Moth Invasion,” July 2007.

Outside, “How Not To Go Down With The Ship,” July 2007.

Writer’s Digest, “Use Landscape to Build a Theme,” June 2007.

Writer’s Digest, “How to Describe Landscape Beautifully,” June 2007.

Men’s Journal, “The Rogue Wave,” May 2007.

StoryQuarterly, “Ketchikan” (short story), 2006.

Writer’s Digest, “The Real Deal” (feature on memoir), Sept-Oct 2006, reprinted in The Craft and Business of Writing, March 2008.

Tallahassee Democrat, “Longing for the Super-Storm,” fall 2006.

The Anchorage Daily News, “The Taste of Salmon” (memoir).

Fourteen Hills, “The Higher Blue” (short story).

1st place in Best Fiction Contest, Fish Stories: Collective I, “A Legend of Good Men” (short story).

1st prize winner of River City Writing Awards, River City (judged by Susan Minot) “Rhoda” (short story).

The Atlantic Monthly, “Ichthyology” (short story), reprinted in The Anchorage Daily News and The New York Times online, December 2008.

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