The Higher Blue (a story collection combining 10 new short stories with 5 from Legend of a Suicide, will be published in languages in which Sukkwan Island was published on its own as a novel, but publication dates not set yet)

Woman, Desiring (novel, will be published 2017 or 2018)

Bright Air Black (novel about Medea, will be published November 2016 in UK, Netherlands, and Australia/New Zealand, January 2017 in US)

Cocodrilo (October 2015 in Spanish translation only, English title is Crocodile: Memoirs From A Mexican Drug-Running Port)

Aquarium (March 2015 in US, UK, ANZ, and Netherlands, March 2016 in Germany and others to follow)

Goat Mountain (2013)

Dirt (2012)

Last Day On Earth: A Portrait of the NIU School Shooter (2011)

Caribou Island (2011)

Legend of a Suicide (2008)

A Mile Down: The True Story of a Disastrous Career at Sea (2005)

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