Haha, since the note below this page hasn’t been updated at all.  Lazy David, bad David, David who has done no social media for 5 years now after being hacked on Facebook in 2014.  If he never answered your message there, that’s why.

(This page was not updated much in 2011 and 2012, so it’s missing many interviews, especially for foreign launches.)  Here are a couple of new ones:

Publishers Weekly (Nov 2013)

Australian National Radio, 20-minute interview re Goat Mountain (Oct 2013)

Cover interview for Que Leer in Spain (Feb 2013)

Cover interview for Transfuge magazine in France (March 2013)

Sample print profiles/interviews:

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Feb 2011

The New York Times, cover of Arts section, Jan 2011

San Francisco Chronicle, cover of Arts section, Jan 2011

Metro, “The Big Interview,” Jan 2011

The Scotsman, Jan 2011

Sunday Business Post (Ireland), Jan 2011

The Observer (UK), January 2011.

El Pais (Spain), December 2010.

La Vanguardia, back page (Spain), December 2010.

The Irish Times, August 2010.

Le Monde (France), June 2010.

The Anchorage Daily News, March 2010.

The Listener (New Zealand), January 2010.

The Sunday Times(UK), November 2009.

The Independent Oct 2013.

Sample web interviews:

The Wall Street Journal
The Paris Review
Die Zeit online reading

TV and Radio


TV interview in Beijing


France 24 (international).
La Grande Librairie (national).
France 3 (national), twice.
France 5 (national).
France 3 (local, Alsace).
IRIMM (Film Institute).
Planete Thalassa.

France Culture, twice.
Radio France International, three times.
France Inter.  Four times, including  L’humeur Vagabonde 2010 and 2011.
Radio Notre-Dame, twice.
RTL. Several times, including July 2010.
France Info.
RCF (local radio in Besancon).


Pagina 2 (national).
L’Hora del Lector (Catalan)

Catalunya Radio

El Pais (profile/interview).
La Vanguardia (back page plus inside).
El Mundo Cultural.
El Temps.
La Razon.
Time Out (Barcelona).
El Punt.
EFE Press Agency.


BBC.  Going Postal, expert interview in documentary on school shootings in US.
BBC 2 The Review Show.

BBC Radio 4 Book At Bedtime (two weeks beginning Jan 27, 2011).
BBC World Service, The Strand (twice).
BBC Radio Scotland, The Book Cafe (twice).
BBC Radio 5 Live.
BBC Radio 4 Saturday Review (twice).
BBC Radio 3 The Verb.
Guardian Books.


RTE (several times, including The View).

RTE (several times).
Today FM.



TV Moldova

Digi 24


Cultura La Zi


Observator Cultural

Romania Libera



VPRO Boeken


De Morgen (national daily).


TV Book Program.


Radio New Zealand.  Interview with Kim Hill (twice).


First Tuesday Book Club (twice).

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), national, several times.
936 ABC Radio Hobart.
720 ABC Radio Perth.
666 ABC Radio Canberra.
Radio 2CC Canberra.
FBI 94.5 FM Sydney.


TV book show.

United States:

NOVA (PBS).  The Pharaoh’s Ship, captain in documentary film recreating Hatshepsut’s ancient voyages in Red Sea.
CNN.  Expert interview in special on NIU school shooting.
E! Entertainment.  Expert interview in special on school violence.
Fox News. Interview for A Mile Down.

Radio heard internationally:

Voice of America.  Three interviews with book editor Faiza El-Masry.  90 million listeners worldwide.  Interview translated into several languages for international audiences.

Cable Radio Network. Cable Talk Nationwide, with Mike Horn. Six satellite channels reaching 26 million households. Affiliates in 43 states and Caribbean.

WBZ Radio.  The Jordan Rich Show, several times. Boston, MA.  Heard in 38 states and parts of Canada.

Radio heard nationally:

WAMC, National Productions.  The Round Table, three interviews with Joe Donahue.  Nationally syndicated to over 500 NPR affiliate stations (mostly in Northeast).

USA Radio Network.  Daybreak.  Nationally syndicated to 200 stations.

TPT Radio Networks.  The Tom Pope Show.  Washington, D.C. Nationally syndicated.

NPR (National Public Radio) Affiliates:  Syndicated to 88 NPR stations.

Chicago Public Radio.

Minnesota Public Radio.  Midmorning, two interviews with Kerri Miller.

KPBS Radio.  These Days, with Tom Fudge and Angela Carone.  San Diego, CA.

KWGS Radio.  Studio Tulsa, with Rich Fisher.  Regionally syndicated NPR show heard in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

KOPB Radio.  Golden Hours.  Oregon Public Broadcasting, reading of excerpt from A Mile Down.

WGVU Radio.  Open Mind, with Cecilia Skidmore.

Grand Rapids, MI, heard throughout Western Michigan.

KCBX Radio.  Turning Pages, with Guy Rathbun.  San Luis Obispo, CA.

KAXE Radio.  Real Good Words, with Heidi Holtan.  Literary show heard in Northern Minnesota.

WBAA Radio. Interview with Dan Skinner.  Based at Purdue University, reaches listeners in
Indiana and Illinois.

BBC, ABC, CBS, and AP Affiliates:

CBS News (Chicago).

KSFR Radio (BBC Affiliate). The Journey Home, with Diego Mulligan. Santa Fe Public Radio, winner of 5 AP Broadcast Awards.

WIOD Radio (ABC Affiliate).  Interview with Aron Bender.  Top-rated news-radio station in Miami, FL.

KAIR Radio (AP Affiliate).  Life Style. Kansas City, KS.

Clear-Channel, Independent, and Other Stations:

WJR Radio.  The Warren Pierce Show.  Top clear-channel station in Detroit, heard in multiple states.

RK Radio Networks.  The Ruth Koscielak Show.  Minneapolis, MN.

WHAT Radio.  In Pursuit of Truth with Reggie Bryant.  Philadelphia, PA.

WIP Radio.  WIP Sunday Magazine, with Peter Solomon.  Philadelphia, PA. 

News Radio 710.  Strategies For Living, with David McMillan.  Shreveport, LA.

WBEV Radio.  The Idea Exchange, with Jim Stowell.  Beaver Dam, WI.

KCMN Radio.  Tron in the Morning with Tron Simpson.  Colorado Springs, CO.

KMHL Radio.  The Liz Gunderson Show.  Southwest Minnesota.

WDWS Radio.

The Gary O’Brien Show, twice.  Champaign, IL.

KZST Radio.  The Brent Farris Morning Show.  Santa Rosa, CA.

KMOX Radio.  Total Information Sunday, with Bill Reicker.  #1 talk-radio station in St. Louis, MO.

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